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Whether we are dry cleaning a couture evening gown or casual wear, rest assured that our highly trained technicians will tend to every detail. Our process includes the use of a gentle, odorless, environmentally-safe solvent and 11 discreet inspection points before completion.

In addition to advanced stain removal techniques, Debs Cleaner has developed protective methods for distinctive or fragile buttons and buckles. We know some of the articles entrusted to us are unique, one-of-a-kind designs, so we often remove extremely fragile trims and ornaments before cleaning, re-attaching them when finishing the piece.

When we return a garment, it will always be ready to wear. And we routinely give special attention to such items as loose and missing buttons, hooks, eyes, cuffs, zippers, and threads, as well as to falling hems and loose shoulder pads.

Handling specialty fabrics and providing special attention are part of our everyday process.

Shirts are manufactured in many countries by numerous companies, in many styles, fabrics, and sizes. And many smaller custom makers and boutiques design and produce their own shirts. All this leads to only one conclusion the there is not one process or type of equipment that can possibly be designed to properly clean and press every shirt.

Our dry cleaning professionals apply advanced stain removal techniques to clean shirts and remove stains that cannot be eliminated by machine-wash processes.

Our specially trained technicians hand finish every shirt we touch.

We inspect every shirt to make sure that buttons are tightly sewn, and broken buttons are replaced.

And, we will be happy to hang your shirts or fold & box them, just give us your preference.

Debs Cleaner is the one of foremost authorities on bridal gown cleaning, preservation, and restoration. We have been gently hand-cleaning and air-drying gowns for over 30 years.

Pre-wedding gown preparation
Whether you are wearing a new or vintage gown, please consider us for any of your pre-wedding needs.

Alterations and Repairs
We employ dressmaker-quality seamstresses on site who can do everything from a complete restyling to a minor alteration. If extensive work is required, we suggest that you call ahead and make an appointment, but our alterations department is here to serve you between 9 am - 4 pm every weekday. Saturday appointments can be made, as well, but advance notice is required.

Cleaning and Restoration Services
Our considerable experience in cleaning and restoration will help to ensure that your gown is as close to perfect as possible for your most important day. Cleaning and restoration is a special skill that we have developed over several decades, and that we continue to improve every year, staying current with new techniques and processes.

We offer numerous Bridal Gown services including dry cleaning, wet cleaning, restoration and preservation. Your gown will be evaluated to determine the most effective process to restore it to its original beauty. Each gown undergoes numerous inspections, complete hand-spotting, hand-cleaning and hand-pressing.

When restoring gowns, weakness of fibers due to age, improper storage, staining, perspiration and light exposure are concerns that need to be recognized. A gown entrusted to our care is first inspected to work through a restoration process that is tailored to the specific issues and challenges of that unique garment.

Minor stain removal, hand-pressing and finishing. Rest assured that our professionals can do whatever is needed to ready your gown for your special day. Whether it is removing minor stains or gently pressing out wrinkles that may have occurred during handling or alterations, we are happy to be of service.

Post-wedding gown cleaning and preservation
Preservation offers future generations the opportunity to wear your heirloom gown and re-create the cherished memories of the past.

Each gown we receive is inspected by three trained professionals prior to beginning the cleaning process. The condition of the fabric is studied, difficult stains are tested, nuances like bows, pleating and over-layers are noted, and the customer is contacted if there are foreseen problems. We evaluate each gown to determine the appropriate cleaning method of cleaning - whether it is dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or a combination of both if necessary.

All gowns are hand cleaned, air dried and hand ironed. The veil and headpiece are hand spotted and cleaned if needed. Our preservation process involves careful final inspection, customer viewing if desired, and then packaging in museum-quality archival boxes with acid-free tissue to minimize aging.

Why it's important to clean and preserve your gown soon after your wedding. The dirt, grass stains, car grease, food and alcoholic beverages that find their way on to your treasured gown can become permanent in a very short time. It is best to clean your gown as soon after the wedding as possible. Please do not put any water or chemical on stains, as this makes it increasingly more difficult to remove them.

Our specialists will select the optimal method for cleaning and repairing your treasured garments. We will do our best to restore your pieces to their natural color, texture and original beauty.

We will gently process your garments, and, in the case of suedes and leathers, replenish any oils that may have been partially removed during the normal course of cleaning.

Regarding furs, an annual cleaning and glazing is recommended to prolong the life of the garment, and preserve its natural beauty. We also work with a master furrier who can remodel or re-style your fur to give it a more contemporary look, or to transform your garment into a new piece that may be more suitable for your current lifestyle.
We also recommend off-season storage in our temperature controlled vaults to protect your treasured investments.

Table and Bed Linens
Rest assured that your household linens and fabrics will receive the same gentle care and attention to detail that Debs Cleaner has become known for. Our professionals will apply our advanced stain removal techniques to restore your precious fabrics to their original beauty. We have decades of experience with all processes -- wet cleaning and dry cleaning -- required to service your family treasures.

Heirloom pieces and antiques
Antique table linens, hand-crafted quilts and feather comforters, fragile draperies, the lace pillow sham that adorned your grandmother's bed.

Debs Cleaner's staff knows that these articles are often irreplaceable. So we approach their treatment with empathetic understanding. Before an heirloom is entrusted to our care, a knowledgeable technician or sales advisor explains our methodology, discussing risks and restoration limitations.

While we don't perform miracles at Debs Cleaner, preserving and restoring cherished items is an everyday accomplishment.

With over 30 years of combined experience, our dressmaker-quality seamstresses can provide you with creative repair solutions and couture quality alterations.

For the majority of alterations, fittings and repairs, we do not require an appointment. Simply stop by our store or call us Monday through Friday from 7 am - 3:30 pm to see or speak to one of our seamstresses. We can also arrange for Saturday fittings if necessary. For wedding gown alterations, please make an appointment at least one week in advance if at all possible. so that we can block out enough time to take care of you without interruption.

If you need a simple alteration that you can either mark or explain with a note (such as shortening a hem to a specified length), you don't even need to come in - simply call us to arrange for our driver to pick up your items and we'll take care of the rest!

Whether you have simple window treatments or more elaborate ensembles such as balloon shades, roman shades, swags, jabot or cornices, we have the experience to take care of you. We are also pleased to offer a takedown and re-hang service through private contractors with whom we work closely. Call us for more information.

The International Fabricare Institute recommends the cleaning of draperies at least every two years. The soils that you do not see deposit on your draperies are often the real culprits. Dust, smoke, fireplace and furnace soot, as well as oily particles in the air can shorten the life of your window treatments. Though often invisible, these particles do need to be removed to prolong the life of your investments and to keep your air quality high.

How do you prevent moths and other insects from destroying your wardrobe? Some people suggest the use of cedar, moth balls or other deterrents. The fact is that although these items do help, they are not 100% effective. At minimum, you should clean your off-season garments to remove he soils and food particles that naturally attract insects such as moths, silverfish, crickets and other mites.

But the optimal method of garment protection is cleaning combined with off-site seasonal storage in a temperature-controlled vault.

How does it work? After the weather begins to change, bring us your seasonal clothing. To prolong the life of your garments, you should store your summer silks, cotton and linen garments during the winter, and store your wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, and other natural fabrics during the summer.

We will carefully inspect and clean all of your garments before they are packed into a storage box that is then moved to the temperature-controlled vault. Cleaning and then storage in the secure vault is a proven means of protection. The vault temperature is kept below 30 degrees, a temperature at which these pests cannot survive.

We can also store your garments should you plan an extended trip and wish to protect your garments while you are away.

By Sonozaire odor neutralizer that uses no chemicals

Fire / smoke, Disaster Restoration Garments and Household item, Carpet cleaning
Rapid removal of Odors, Bacteria, Mildew, Germs, Tabaco odor, Pet/Animal odor, Dry cleaning Chemical
Retards Bacterial Growth (water damaged)
Eliminates Odors
Odor control and air purification
Ozone Reverts back to Oxygen
Odor neutralizer uses no chemicals.
It does not cover up odors, it DESTROYS THEM PERMANENTLY.
Garments that are damaged, not only by odor, but also by soot, need odors removed, and then they need dry cleaning.
Remove Dry Cleaning Chemical, Bacteria, Germs.
Eliminates Odors.
Odor controls and air purification.

What is Ozone?
Ozone (03) is a form of oxygen (02) that contains three atoms instead of two. It is slightly heavier than air, and at low concentrations smells slightly sweet, but at higher concentrations has a pungent aroma. Ozone is molecularly unstable and reacts quickly to revert to a more stable form.

How is Ozone formed?
Nature forms ozone every day in a method that is very familiar - thunderstorms. When lightning occurs, ozone is formed by the high voltage arcs that ionize the air The air is freshened after the storm because ozone removes many of the impurities that are in the air

How is Ozone Manufactured?
Ozone, due to its instability, has a very short life-span. This means ozone naturally returns to its original form of oxygen. Ozone must be produced when, and where it is needed. The most popular method of producing ozone is by "corona discharge," which simply means generating a high voltage electrical field and passing air through it. Passing air through the corona converts approximately 1-2% of the oxygen into ozone. Sonozaire uses the corona discharge method to manufacture ozone.

How are the Sonozaire units used to remove Odors?
Sonozaire models are industrial ozone generators that are capable of high levels of ozone. These units do not use any chemicals, operate unattended, and need only occasional cleaning and maintenance. They contain electrical and electronic components to generate ozone, using only small amounts of electricity. Ozone output is 100% adjustable to match the odor levels. Sonozaire units are built of heavy- duty aluminum construction. They are ideal for applications that need high ozone levels to remove malodorous situations such as garbage, fire and smoke, sewage, animals, decaying organic matter, chemicals, etc. Sonozaire units destroy odors, retard bacterial growth and slime production, and circulate the ozone allowing it to destroy the odor molecules. Industrial ozone generators are designed to be used in uninhabited areas, or used at volumes that are limited by OSHA or EPA regulations.

Textile fabrics are an excellent breeding surface for bacteria and microorganisms to grow. It is therefore very important to consider sanitizing or even disinfecting linens to control the infections and viruses that could occur. Clean looking linens without stains are no assurance of hygienically clean fabrics. Good sound laundry formulations should kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Chlorine bleach is one of the very best sanitizers and disinfectants available for laundering fabrics. It has been well documented that chlorine bleach destroys bacteria and viruses at the proper concentrations. I believe that chlorine is the most cost-effective way to accomplish the task of hygienically clean linens. Other bleaching agents such as oxygen bleaches are not nearly as strong of an oxidizer; therefore they require more time and higher concentrations, along with special formula conditions. Generally, oxygen bleaches are not as good of a stain remover and whitener of linens

I consider the main purposes of the bleach operation in every wash formula to be the removal of stains remaining after a proper wash step and to make the wash hygienically clean. Proper procedures should be followed in order to achieve both of these aspects of a chlorine bleach bath. First you must control the temperature of the bath before adding the chlorine bleach. Never add the bleach on top of linens without water and never add the bleach when steaming the bath.

Wet Cleaning process that leaves your bedding & Laundry with a fresh scent and, most importantly, truly Hygenically clean

* Free of micro-organisms and bacteria. This wet cleaning and disinfecting procedure, depite its powerful effects, maintain the natural balance of the fiber.


Jiwani is an international, family-owned business with 50 years of tailoring experience. Jiwani makes custom clothing from a unique pattern created for each client to ensure a perfect fit. In addition to continuing the exacting traditions of Savile Row tailoring, Jiwani's clothes have more details than any other custom clothier, an indication of the craftsmanship and attention afforded to each piece.

Whether you visit one of our locations or make a private appointment at your home or office, your shopping experience will represent the utmost in style and luxury. One of our expert image consultants will, in addition to your physical measurements, carefully consider your color palette, profession, lifestyle, and desired image when coordinating your look.

Jiwani searches the world in pursuit of the finest in suit and shirt fabric from the mills of Italy, England, and beyond. Our huge fabric inventory allows us to offer you the highest quality at the most competitive prices. We use wool from the super 80s to super 180s and patterns and suiting materials from manufacturers such as Zegna, Holland and Sherry, Marco Polo, Dormeuil, and Valentino.

Jiwani has built its reputation on providing unparalleled service and products that will make you wonder how you lived without our custom clothes before. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your continued patronage.

Make an appointment for a private session in your home or office.

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