We pick up, professionally clean and deliver your personal dry cleaning and laundry items to and from your residence or work place.

Our Route Service is a pick up and delivery service regularly scheduled for the same time, same place, once or twice a week.

Once a week service we pick up your new order of dirty clothes at the same time we drop off the clean clothes that were picked up the prior week.


Twice a week service we pick up your dirty clothes and deliver it clean a few days later.

Our driver follows a route each day. Call the store to inquire which days we are in your area. Signing up is easy. Why wait? Simplify your life today by calling our staff.

Pick Up & Delivery on Demand
If you prefer not to be on a regular schedule you can just call when you need us. Pick-up and delivery is FREE within our service area. The service is convenient and easy to-use.

What to do:
Call the cleaners day or night at (877) DEBS-CLEANER
We will place all items to be cleaned in a bag.
We will give you an computerized invoice.
Garments are professionally cleaned and delivered back to you. Just like new!